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Presidential records from the White House email message system, Automated Records Management System (ARMS) Email, are stored as part of the National Archives' Electronic Records Archive (ERA). Electronic records are being processed at the Library and these messages are a small sampling of what will be released in the future.

The ARMS Email series contains every copy of every message sent or received by a staff member’s White House email account, whether or not the message is a duplicate of another already held in the system. Because each message is treated as a distinct, saved record, there are a large number of duplicative emails. The B. Alexander “Sandy” Kress email release consists of 106 messages; 23 emails contain unique content, and 83 are exact duplicates. More information about the ARMS Email series and Mr. Kress's messages can be found in the Finding Aid.

This page contains a PDF copy of each unique message, which includes the full list of recipients, sender, and date stamp information, as well as all message content found in the duplicate copies. However, please contact us if you would like to request copies of all 106 messages, which can be obtained for a fee, or if you have any additional questions.  

These email messages trace the creation of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 from the start of the Bush Administration on January 20, 2001 to June 14, 2001, when the Senate passed the Act with changes and sent the legislation to the conference committee. Each email was sent or received by Mr. Kress, Senior Advisor to the President on education.  Most messages relate to the drafting of H.R. 1 (House Resolution 1, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) and S. 1 (Senate Bill 1, the Better Education for Students and Teachers Act). Other messages include press releases or scheduling requests. Topics of interest include the education of Limited English Proficient (LEP) students, charter schools, supplementary educational services, and school accountability provisions within the House and Senate legislation. Correspondents include White House staff members Townsend McNitt, Nina Rees, Margaret LaMontagne Spellings, and Sarah Youssef. Department of Education correspondents include Clayton Boothby, David Cleary, Sandra Cook, Paul Riddle, and Michael Sheridan.

Presidential records created in electronic format are subject to the Presidential Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

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B. Alexander (Sandy) Kress - Education Email, 01/20/2001 to 06/14/2001 

P_88861004_OPD 1

March 13, 2001 draft of Section 301, amending Part A of Title III. 




 P_862F1004_OPD 1

Revised summary about supplemental educational services provided to students in Title I schools.



P_B2OR1004_OPD 1

Senate draft on AYP (Annual Yearly Progress).




P_9EBJ1004_OPD 1

Copy of an invitation to Secretary Paige from Congressman Castle of Delaware.



P_GM832004_OPD 1

Update on House voting on amendments to H.R. 1.



P_0CJR1004_WHO 1 

Table shows the funding levels for ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) since 1966.



P_0CC32004_OPD 1

Table shows House Amendments acted upon as of May 23, 2001.



P_G5781004_OPD 1

Statement of U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige regarding introduction of H.R. 1.



P_8P932004_OPD 1 

Invitation to celebrate the passage of H.R. 1.



P_TX0C2004_OPD 1

A 33 page summary of H.R. 1, as prepared by House Committee staff.



P_U5M42004_OPD 1

Table shows accountability measures in H.R. 1 and S. 1.



P_UQHN1004_OPD 1 

April 23, 2001 draft of H.R. 1's Title VII. 




P_DLFC2004_OPD 1 

Table shows Senate Amendments acted upon as of June 12, 2001.



P_5QBE2004_OPD 1 

Statement from the President about the S. 1 passage.



P_U6ED1004_WHO 1

March 28, 2001 draft of Section 301, amending Part A of Title III.



P_ZYK91004_OPD 1 

Draft on legislative changes to NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress).



P_ODM71004_OPD 1 

Committee on Education and the Workforce summary of H.R. 1, No Child Left Behind Act.



P_DSED1004_OPD 1 

 March 28, 2001 draft of Section 301, amending Part A of Title III. 




P_9NH71004_OPD 1

Department of Education studies provided to Senator Jeffords' staff.



P_NUJ81004_OPD 1

March 23, 2001 draft of Section 301, amending Part A of Title III.



P_8JQB2004_OPD 1 

Department of Education press release for studies on Charter Schools.



P_H35L1004_OPD 1

Talking points on "Real Results, Remaining Challenges: The Story of Texas Education Reform."











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