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2014-0243-F: Correspondence between President George W. Bush and William F. Buckley

Scope and Content

The materials in FOIA 2014-0243-F are a selective, not necessarily all inclusive, body of documents responsive to the topic of the FOIA. Researchers should consult the archivist about related materials.

FOIA 2014-0243-F contains materials related to correspondence between President George W. Bush and William F. Buckley.

This FOIA primarily contains correspondence between President Bush and William F. Buckley, an invitation to President Bush for the 50th anniversary of National Review, along with thank you and condolence messages from President Bush.


9 folders, approximately 199 pages


Official records of George W. Bush’s presidency are housed at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and administered by the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of the Presidential Records Act.

Folders and Documents

Records Management, White House Office of

Subject Files - GI002 (Gifts to the President)
Subject Files - MA (Medals - Awards)
Subject Files - ME001-02 (Messages - Birthday Greetings)
Subject Files - ME001-03 (Messages - Condolence/Death) Subject Files - ME001-04 (Messages - Illness/Get Well)
Subject Files - PP (Presidential Personal)

Staff Member Office Files

Public Liaison, White House Office of - Smith, Matthew - Subject Files
Staff Secretary, White House Office of the - Kavanaugh, Brett - Speech Files

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