During his morning briefing, April 2, 2003, President George W. Bush reviews the progress of the war with members of the War Council. (P28531-23A)
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Attend a Docent Talk at the Museum!

Attend a Docent Talk at the Museum!

Would you like to know more about the White House and its secrets? The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum offers Docent Talks in the ​Museum Classroom located across the hall from the Museum Store. Docent Talks take place on Saturdays:

10:30 a.m. | 11:30 a.m. | 12:30 p.m. | 1:30 p.m.

The Native Texas Park

Saturday, September 5th (Beginning of Native Texas Park Tour season)

  • Conservation and protecting the environment are causes that our close to the hearts of President and Mrs. Bush. The Bush Center grounds include a Native Texas Park. Learn about native habitats and ecosystems at the Bush Center. Did you know that the Bush Center is a platinum level LEED Certified facility? This means that the Bush Center meets the highest standards for being a "green" facility. Learn more about our Native Texas Park, building architecture, and LEED certification during our docent talk. We encourage you to then take the park tour!

White House Secrets Revealed!

Saturday, September 12th - 102 Minutes that Changed America! (9/11)

  • Docents of the Presidential Library and Museum will lead a lecture on the tragic events that occurred onSeptember 11th. In teaching about the terrorist attacks that occurred on that day, it is our goal to honor the lives of the victims and first responders who lost their lives.

Saturday, October 10th - Know the Situation: White House Situation Room

  • Did you know that when an item is decommissioned at the White House, the President has the option to take it with him to his Presidential Library and Museum? During President Bush's administration, the White House Situation Room was remodeled. The conference room of the White House Situation Room was deconstructed and rebuilt on-site. Know the Situation!

Saturday, October 24th - President George W. Bush's Oval Office

  • Each President may decorate the Oval Office to suit his preferences. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum has a full-scale replica of President Bush's Oval Office.  Learn about the Texas artwork that decorates the walls and the meaning behind the design of the Oval Office rug. Take a step into President Bush's Oval Office!

Saturday, October 31st - HMS Resolute: Phantom Ship to President's Desk (Halloween) 

  • The Resolute Desk has been used by nearly every President since Rutherford B. Hayes. Carved from the timbers of a British ship, HMS Resolute was lost in the Arctic, salvaged by a daring American whaler, and helped prevent a war between the United States and England. How did it become one of the most famous pieces of furniture in the White House? Come aboard for the amazing voyage of the Resolute!

Saturday, November 7th - Honoring America's Heroes: Medal of Honor Recipients (Veteran's Day)

  • Docents of the Presidential Library and Museum will teach visitors about the history of the armed forces Medal of Honor. They will also give visitors a peek into the lives of the heroes who received the Medal of Honor for their service in Iraq and Afghanistan after September 11. We honor our American heroes.

Life at the White House

Saturday, October 3rd - Baseball: America's Presidents, America's Pastime (Closing of Special Exhibit)

  • President Bush is a huge fan of baseball but he is not the only President who has shared a love of the game. Learn about America's favorite pastime and how it has influenced American history.

Saturday, November 14th - Christmas at the White House (Preview of Special Exhibit)

  • Learn about White House Holiday traditions that have been passed down through the years. Gingerbread houses, giant Christmas trees, and a host of other things that combine the wonder of the season with the magic of classic children's stories that have shaped American culture! 


Community groups and organizations may submit a request for a docent-led talk off-site in a school classroom or at a community center, please email bush43volunteer@nara.gov.

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