President George W. Bush greets fourth graders, January 5, 2004, at Pierre Laclede Elementary School in St. Louis, Missouri. (P36885-10)


Following Rules Lesson & Activities 

A community has expectations regarding conduct, controlling behavior/emotions, and being a productive member of society that are based on morals and values. These expectations are standards that must be followed.  When children learn the concept of rules it opens their understanding of making good choices and actions. It also introduces them to the concept of consequences. These simple activities listed below allow kindergarten students to learn the importance of following rules and being a productive member of group:

  • Reading books about following rules. 

  • Discuss how different places, people, organizations may have different rules and the consequences for breaking these rule, for example: 

    • What is expected of us at school?
    • What is expected of us at church?
    • What is expected of us on the playground?
  • Have Kindergarten students talk about expectations their parents have for them at home and have each child write a list of rules they must follow at home.

Obeying Laws Lesson & Activities 

A community has expectations regarding conduct, controlling behavior/emotions, and being a productive member of society that are created by government. These expectations are standards that are voted on and must be followed. These type standards are called laws and they are enforced by law enforcement (police) and the court system (judges). Laws are based on justice, the difference between right and wrong. Use the activities listed below to help kindergarten students understand obeying laws, breaking laws, and how laws help communities avoid problems:

  • Reading books about voting and different laws.

  • Have kindergarten students identify at least one law such as

    • Stop at the stop sign
    • Wear a seat-belt
    • Drive the speed limit
  • Have kindergarten students write down at least three laws and allow them to share how to follow the laws and the consequences for breaking the laws.

  • Discuss with kindergarten students the importance law enforcement and the court system.

Mrs. Laura Bush participates in a discussion with children in a Boys & Girls Club program at the D'Iberville Elementary School in D'Iberville, Mississippi, on February 22, 2007.

Respecting Authority Civic Lesson & Activities 

Civics is about the rights and duties of a productive citizen. Civics is also being a part or member of a larger group. Authority figures are people who influence and enforce rules and laws. Authority figures are needed to maintain and keep order in communities. The activities below are designed to teach kindergartners the abstract idea of respect for authority:

  • Read books about authority figures.

  • Kindergartners will list authority figures in their community and what they do to make people lives better and safer such as

    • Mom/feeds and cooks my family meals
    • Fireman/puts out fires and saves people’s lives
    • Principal/keeps student safe
  • Take the activity a step further and discuss how authority figures enforce rules and laws. 

  • Have kindergartners send a thank you picture to an authority figure in the community.

Recognizing American Symbols Lesson & Activities

Teaching American Symbols can be creative and fun. The American Symbol activities below will help Kindergartners remember important events and concepts regarding American History:

  • Read books about American History.

  • Discuss American Symbols and what they represent such as:

    • Uncle Sam/the United States
    • American Flag/13 colonies and 50 states
    • Statue of Liberty/freedom and opportunity
    • Liberty Bell/freedom and equality
  • Have kindergartners draw or paint their favorite American symbol and talk about why it is their favorite. 

  • Have a discussion about their drawings and how they stand for actual events/ideas and the importance of these ideas or events to their community.

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