President George W. Bush takes the oath of office to serve a second term as 43rd President of the United States, January 20, 2005, during a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, and Jenna Bush listen as Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist administers the oath. (P44290-391)
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Barney & Miss Beazley FAQ

What dog breed were Barney and Miss Beazley? 

Barney stood at the podium usually reserved for the Press Secretary during a visit, August 11, 2004, to the White House Press Briefing Room.

Courtesy George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum (P42604-08)

Barney and Miss Beazley were Scottish Terriers.

What were their birthdays? Are they still alive? 

Barney was born September 30, 2000, and Miss Beazley was born October 28, 2004. Sadly, Barney passed away in February 2013 and Miss Beazley in May 2014.

What were their favorite toys? 

Barney loved to play with his volleyball. He also loved soccer balls, golf balls, tennis balls, and horseshoes. Barney shared his volleyball with Miss Beazley and she also loved to play with it.

Were Barney and Miss Beazley siblings? Who were their parents? 

Miss Beazley was Barney's niece, so they had different parents. Barney’s mother was named Coors of Pontefract and his father’s name was Kelly of Champion Motherwell Stormwarning. Miss Beazley’s mother’s name was Bethz of Black Watch Elizabeth and her father was named Clinton of Champion Motherwell Alberta Clipper. Kelly was Clinton’s father, making Clinton the half-brother of Barney.

Where can I find pictures of Barney and Miss Beazley? 

You can find photographs of Barney and Miss Beazley on their own section of the Archived White House Website.

Where can I find videos of Barney and Miss Beazley? 

Several Barney Cam videos are available on our Photos & Videos page.

How can I find out about other Bush Family pets? 

Click here to learn more about the Bush Family pets.

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